No matter how you’re celebrating this holiday season, I’m sure you’re ready to embrace the New Year. Don’t wait till the New Year or Spring to start doing some cleaning or decluttering. Let’s get a headstart and hopefully give you a mid-winter boost! 

1. Donate your winter clothes

Winter clothes are always in need at homeless shelters, and winter is a perfect time to do some decluttering and support a good cause. Check out the Cool Aid Society Shelters, and Our Place in Victoria to drop off some winter essentials.

2. Add Durable, Easily Accessible Storage

The days are short and cold, and now is the perfect time to add additional accessible storage options. Consider plastic bins, or underbed storage that can either be purchased used, or at your favourite home good store.

3. Tackle the Drawer

Now you’ve gotten more storage, it’s time to tackle the dreadful drawers. We all have that drawer – it’s cluttered and filled with things we think we may need one day. When doing a winter reorganization, start with organizing this drawer and you’ll immediately feel accomplished.

4. Move things Around

Winter can feel stagnant, and is a wonderful time to move furniture around and maybe experiment with a new layout. This can bring a breath of fresh air to your space. Feel free to make a few sketches on paper of your ideal layout before moving things around.

5.  Book a Deep Clean on

At Aqua City Cleaners, we are professionally trained, licensed and bonded company ready to assist you with your house cleaning and organneeds in Victoria, Vancouver, and Toronto. From sanitizing your home to bathroom deep cleans, there is no house cleaning job too big or small! Contact us today for a free, no-obligation estimate.