Dear valued Aqua City Cleaners Customer:

Thank you for trusting our team to provide your family and loved ones with a clean home. Your safety and well-being continues to be our priority at Aqua City Cleaners.

Our staff will continue to adhere to the strictest hygiene measures. Additionally:

  • We will not be sending out any staff member that has recently travelled, been with someone who has been exposed to the virus or they themselves are showing signs of being ill.
  • Our staff goes straight to your home instead of stopping in our office to pick up supplies, unlike other cleaning companies
  • We only work in teams of 1 or 2, and only service 1 or 2 homes a day
  • We offer a flexible schedule, and don’t penalize our staff if they cannot show up to work
  • We have liability insurance and workers compensation insurance
  • We have extensive experience working with seniors, post-surgery, chemo-therapy patients, immunocompromised people, and seniors.
  • We do not require you to be in the home/room when we clean.

We continue to follow the COVID-19 situation very closely and implementing advice from public health officials. We will continue to operate stronger cleaning procedures to protect customers and our staff from exposure.  Please visit the Government of Canada website for regular updates and preventative measures you should implement.  

If you or anyone in your home is exhibiting any symptoms of the virus, or has recently travelled internationally, or is in self-isolation or quarantine, please notify us prior to our arrival so that we can reschedule your clean. 

We will be vigilant in monitoring the situation and continue to implement all preventative measures within our organization, including the daily monitoring of the health of our staff.  We trust this email gives you assurances around the measures we are taking at Aqua City Cleaners to keep you, your family and your home safe.

Thank you for being part of the Aqua City family.

Eunice Brown 

Aqua City Cleaners CEO

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