How to Clean & Deodorize your Garbage Disposal

How to Clean & Deodorize your Garbage Disposal

Are there any foul odors emanating from your kitchen? It could be your Garbage Disposal!
A lot of people stop at cleaning the sink, and don’t think about cleaning their garbage disposal,
and wonder why and where that unpleasant smell is coming from.
Here’s how to clean your garbage disposal:

Turn on the faucet and run cold water into the disposal.
Break up the built-up gunk by feeding ice cubes into the disposal.
This way, the stuck gunk will freeze, come off the impeller blades, and go out the holes.

Let the water run into the disposal for a full minute or until the last ice cube breaks.

Deodorize and freshen up your sink with Citrus Rinds! You may use lemon, orange, lime and other citrus fruits.
Run the disposal until the rinds are all cut up. If you regularly cook with citrus fruits, you can
regularly freshen up your garbage disposal by tossing your rinds into it.


There are other ways to naturally clean your garbage disposal and keep it smelling nicely.
AND you can do that with items you already have in your kitchen!

Clean with ice and salt

Ice is your garbage disposal’s best friend. Take a tip from our plumber friends,
and make it a habit to chunk cubes of ice in the sink. This will sharpen the blades, and
help break the gunk off. The salt will disinfect and get rid of the smelly food stuck in the sink.



Clean with ice, vinegar (and citrus)

You can replace the salt with vinegar. Vinegar has high acidity. It is very effective in killing
bacteria, molds, and other germs. And if it smells, you can combine it
with ice and citrus. Just fill your ice trays with vinegar, and citrus rinds,
freeze, and feed the cubes into the sink.



Clean with baking soda and vinegar

To clean stubborn gunk and putrid stenches, use baking soda, vinegar, and hot water.
Pour about half a cub of baking soda, follow it with a cup of white vinegar, and run hot water into the drain. You can also freshen it upĀ 
by chunking citrus rinds into the garbage disposal.




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