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Grocery Shopping & Delivery Service

Groceries and Essentials Shopping/Delivery Service

You’ve asked and we’ve delivered. Introducing our grocery and essentials delivery service. Traditional grocery services are overworked, underpaid (as little as 80 cents/hour), and lack sufficient sanitary practices to protect your groceries from viruses and cross-contamination. 

Book our grocery shopping service, and be assured that your grocery shopper has your family’s health and safety as their main priority. 

How it works

Step 1: Book Shopping Service Online

Select shopping service on our booking form, and indicate the amount of time it will take shop, checkout (including possible lines), and deliver your purchase to your home. Choose a prepayment amount (in multiples of $50).

We will refund everything over the price on your receipt, and will not purchase anything beyond this amount. 

Step 2: We Set It Up

Our goals is to make sure you have a safe, personalized, and painless experience. On the date and time of your service, our staff will contact you via phone/email/text to ask questions and send pictures of items she’s buying. We will also send you her clock in/out time and drive time. 

A manager will track and review all communications to make sure everything is going smoothly!

Step 3: We Go Shopping While Keeping You Safe

At the designated time/date, our staff will go to the grocery store or drug store, and will be in touch with you via phone/text/email if she has any questions. Our staff will disinfect their vehicles before putting your groceries inside. 

Step 4: No Contact Delivery

Our staff will deliver your groceries at your doorstep. Our customer support will review your purchase and make refunds for anything (including grocery cost, driving time – prorated in 30 minute increments) plus 100% of the amount over the receipt.

Voila! You’ve got your essentials and didn’t have to leave the house and expose yourself to crowds and diseases. We can do this as often as you need! 

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