Vacation Rental Cleaning

 Aqua City Cleaners is the best cleaning service for vacation rental properties in Victoria and Vancouver.
We service multiple 5 star vacation rentals listed on AirBnB, VRBO, as well as independently.


Why do many property owners choose us?



We offer 24/7 support by e-mail, phone, and text.
Owner’s have the ability to book and manage appointments online,
or call, email or text us for support.
We also offer Visual inspection for any damages and reporting
all abnormalities to the owners immediately, with photos.




Our team is made up of honest, reliable, highly-trained expert cleaners,
with many years of experience in five-star hotels and private maid companies.
Impeccable cleaning.  Cleaners also monitor and replenish supplies.





We are flexible and can accommodate same day turn-overs and last minute
vacation rental cleaning requests. The same staff is assigned to each property,
enhancing service quality and our ability to spot any abnormalities.




Contact us today at 250-412-6652 to chat about your vacation rental cleaning needs!